Equator Fund

Shenzhen Equator Fund Management Co., Ltd. (“Equator Fund”) is a fund management company, specialized in equity investment and asset management.

Equator Fund brings together global talents with extensive experiences in multinational business practices spanning ports, shipping, logistics, manufacturing, trading and other industries as well as banking, trust, financial leasing, funds and other financial industries. Each member of the core team has over 18 years’ experiences in operation, management and financing sectors.

With outstanding partners, Equator Fund has accumulated global resources and established global networks of investment, and has rich experience and remarkable achievements in the field of equity and asset investment & management.

Acting as the Fund Manager, Equator Fund is managing a few shipping-oriented funds, particularly the Shenzhen Maritime Fund, the policy-oriented fund mainly sponsored by the Shenzhen Municipal Government. With ultimate scale of 10 Billon RMB and the first phase of 3 Billion RMB, SMF’s mission is to support the high quality and balanced growth of shipping industry, lead the development of shipping industries towards a greener, smarter, and higher-end direction, expedite the construction of International Marine Hub, participate in national and global integration and optimization of maritime resources, and ultimately serve the national maritime strategy through market practice.


Investment Strategy

Resources Investment To incubate promising projects by collaborating with core partners and synergizing segments within Equator Fund.
Asset Investment To identify convertible , price-competitive and quality assets.
Hi-Tech Investment To track technological trend within industry and to invest at the opportune time.
Cash Flow Investment To pursue stable cash flow return from well-defined and fragmented markets.

Fields of Investment

Green Shipping Liquefied Gas Shipping - Acquisition, newbuilding and operation of LNG, LEG and LPG carriers, ultra-low temperature storage tank facility, LNG bunkering and its related upstream/ downstream investment; acquisition, new building and operation of clean & environmental friendly vessels such as dual-fuel container vessels, LNG-powered dry bulks, clean & environmental friendly handy & Supramax.
Clean Energy Offshore oil & gas industries including but not limited to offshore construction related vessels, offshore wind energy, powership, etc.
Green Coastal & River Transport Focus on acquisition, newbuilding and operation of river & coastal-going hybrid, electric and LNG- powered vessels
Cruise and Yacht Acquisition, newbuilding, operation and support of energy-saving & environmental friendly cruise, yacht and its coastal tourism industries.
Modern Shipping Services Maritime big data & system, financial leasing, ship intelligence solutions, maritime exchanges, maritime industrial base, senior executive education and training.
SME Innovation Leading small and medium enterprises in information technology, high-end equipment, new material, new energy, energy-saving & clean energy with potential listing on stock exchange.