About us

Shenzhen Equator Fund Management Co., Ltd. (“Equator Fund”) is a fund manager based in Shenzhen, specialized in marine equity investment and asset management.

With adherence to core values of Integrity, Credibility, Discipline, Diligence and Professionalism, we aim to grow with our partners to achieve a win-win success.

The Equator Fund continues to focus on marine economy and the global market. Key investment areas include: companies with outstanding performance in shipping, logistics and other related services; ports, ships, high-end equipment and other maritime assets with good earnings expectation and reasonable asset valuation; and shipping assets that present attractive valuation along with market cyclicality ; clean energy such as LNG, LPG, and LEG of its upstream and downstream industrial chains , production, processing, transportation, and warehousing .

Team members

Equatorial Fund brings together global talents, Members of the core team have more than 15 years of experiences in operation, management and financing.


Xu Chun

Over 20 years' experience in Shipping and Finance Cover Legal Services and Investment Practices


Steven Xiao

Over 20 years' experience in shipping, Investment, and administrationCover shipping, investment, supply Chain, energy, minerals, commodity trading, etc


Mo Xuebin

Over 15 years' experience in equity investment and industrial mergers and acquisitionsCover investment, mergers & acquisitions, and fund


Chloe Lin

Over 12 years' experience in finance and corporate managementCover finance and shipping


Capt Hu

28 years experiences in International Marine Industry10 years of sea experiences & 18 years of shore based experiences in international & domestic marine enterprises


With outstanding partners, the Equator Fund has accumulated and established global resources and networks in the field of investment, and has rich experience and remarkable achievements in the field of equity and asset investment and management.

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